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Hi everybody, we are the ARIA Team and we want to say hi! My name is Melissa Torregrosa, I am 24 years old, and I’m a graduate in Computer Science. After my graduation I was working in the field of quality assurance and information system audit. I consider myself as an outgoing person, friendly and responsible. Paola Garcia is my teammate, she is 25 years old, she’s from Barranquilla-Colombia and she’s a graduate in Computer Sciences as well. She was working as a Process Analyst before RGSoC. Her goal this year is to become a Ruby on Rails developer. Currently she spend her time studying and researching technology, and enjoying time with her family.

We met at the University 5 years ago and there began our friendship. Guillermo Iguaran is our Mentor, Roberto Miranda and Laura Garcia are our coaches. We met Roberto and Guillermo during University and became good friends. Paola and Laura are sisters, and Laura participated in last year’s Rails Girls Summer of Code, and through her heard of RGSoC.

##About our project!

The project name is “Improving Accessibility in Rails through ARIA”, and we chose this idea because right now people with disabilities who are working in development software applications have limitations with the tools they use. Traditional software developer tools weren’t designed with features who are required to be interpreted by assistive technology.

###Our goals are: 1. To add ARIA attributes to error pages thrown by rails, so that developers with visual disabilities can identify the details of errors.

  1. To add support for accessibility attributes to the form helpers (label tag, form tag), so that developers can create web applications more easily.

  2. To add ARIA attributes to Ruby on Rails official website, in order to become an accessibility website.

As you can see, since we are working with ARIA attributes that’s the reason for our name “ARIA Team”. We feel really excited with this opportunity and hope that our project will have a positive impact in the software development progress.

ARIATeam .

You can follow the team’s process here: and on Twitter.