Applications for Rails Girls Summer of Code 2014 are open!

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It’s Friday and we are in love: With this we are officially opening the applications for Rails Girls Summer of Code 2014!

The applications will be open until May 2nd, 23:59 UTC.

This is the timeline we are aiming for:

  • 14. March: Open applications!
  • March: Crowdfunding start
  • 02. May: Close applications!
  • 03.-04. May: Rank applications
  • 05.-06. May: Acceptance letters
  • June: Preparations
  • 1. July: Start RGSoC 2014!

All you have to do now is head over to our Application Guide and read on about what you need to apply for a summer full of Open Source code.

We wish you all the luck in the world and if there is anything the Application Guide can’t solve for you: Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Happy applying everyone! Let’s get this summer started.

Application Guide:

Projects examples:

Apply here: