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Rails Girls Summer of Code’s Bronze sponsors make up the most numerous contingent in our roll call for 2014. Listing them out doesn’t really do them justice, so here’s a little about each of them.

For social gaming giant Wooga learning and working go hand in hand. They support (their team to attend) meetups and conferences.

Maike Kronenberg and Jesper Richter-Reichhelm from Wooga on their support:
“Technology is something that everyone should be able to participate in. There’s an increasing amount of attention paid to diversity within tech companies, particuarly when it comes to engineers. The numbers still aren’t up to scratch. Projects like RailsGirls will change that.”

Honeybadger is exception, uptime, and performance monitoring for Ruby. Built as the honeybadgers needed a better way to track errors in their own projects.

Planio is engineered to make your projects more successful and fun! How? Well, with great project management of course.

Jan Schulz-Hofen from planio on their support:
“What you do at Rails Girls Summer of Code is absolutely amazing! Developing in Ruby and being part of such a welcoming and inspiring community has benefited us so much, both as a company and as individual team members here at Planio. Hence, we’re always happy to help and give back as much as we can. It is awesome to see more and more women and girls joining over the years since we started doing Ruby and Rails back in 2006. Thanks Rails Girls for making this happen. Much <3 from your friends at Planio!”

Carbon Five has more than 10 years of experience building great software for startups, non-profit organizations and enterprise companies. And they like to share.

David Hendee and Courtney Hemphill from Carbon Five on their support:
“So much of our ability to learn and progress in our craft comes from an inspiring and supportive environment. RGSoC has created a program that brings together all the necessary elements for success and Carbon Five is honored to support that initiative and help it grow.”

With Articulate anyone can create online and mobile courses with great e-learning authoring tools.

Arlyn Asch from Articulate on their support:
“We love that Rails Girls Summer of Code is inspiring more women to experience the power of coding and embrace careers in technology. We’re thrilled to support this life-changing program.”

With Shopify you don’t need to have any technical or design experience to easily create a beautiful online store. Yet Shopify supports learning fully.

John Duff from Shopify on their support:
“Rails Girls gives Shopify the opportunity to help drive communities we care about forward. We get to help open source projects, which we depend heavily upon, and at the same time help aspiring developers learn and gain experience. It doesn’t get much better than that.”

Tealeaf offers professional grade Ruby on Rails online bootcamps. They are all about teaching. Plus: Tealeaf helps us (wo)man our remote helpdesk.

Chris Lee Tealeaf on their support:
“RailsGirls is one of the shining examples of what makes the Ruby and Rails community amazing. Of course, the mission of introducing women to web development is important and critical to the long term health of our young field. But what makes RailsGirls truly amazing is the people involved with it. The organization is filled with smart, passionate and caring do-gooders. This is exactly the type of organization Tealeaf Academy aspires to become. We’re a business, but we’re not a profit-at-all-costs organization. The first and foremost value at Tealeaf Academy is being an organization centered around helping people and being a positive force in the world. RailsGirls has shown us what an organization that values ‘goodness’ first looks like.”

Nugg is Europe’s largest targeting platform with cutting edge real-time technology for audience targeting, efficient brand advertising and data management. Powered by machine learning.

Stephan Ziep, Director Development at on their support:
“At we believe it is important and necessary to have more women in IT-related jobs and to close the gender gap in this industry. We are really happy to be part of the Rails Girls Summer of Code 2014, as we believe that putting professional coaches at the side of female beginner students and providing them with a full time scholarship will have a great impact. We are excited to enable students to expand their knowledge and coding skills and look forward to seeing the many great developers and Open Source projects that will arise out of it!”

Site5 believes that our students have a lot to offer the development community and hope to encourage other companies to surround these potential, future web developers with a sense of community and help them gain confidence in their skills.

Justin Mazzi from Site5 on their support:
“Site5’s legacy of using and creating Open Source software on a daily basis gives us strong motivation to invest in the future of these projects by supporting programs like Rails Girls Summer of Code, who are expanding the diversity in the Open Source community.”

Zweitag is technology consulting and software development since 2008. Their team of 25 smart arses can’t wait to see a ‘neue welle’ in the tech world.

Did you know that the Deutsche Messe has been around since 1947? Neither did we.

Agile Animal specializes in iterative software development and consulting with a focus on web-based and mobile applications and APIs. And they have a loving working history with Open Source software.

HitFoxGroup is a fast growing incubator with over 200 professionals in Berlin, San Francisco and Seoul. HitFox is committed to grow companies within the fields of Big Data, Advertising & Game Distribution and puts a strong focus on professional and personal growth opportunities.

New Relic knows it: we are all data nerds. A Software Analytics company that makes sense of billions of metrics across millions of apps, New Relic cares about learning.

Noelle Daley from New Relic on their support:
“New Relic is thrilled to support Rails Girls Summer of Code and the amazing work they do in the community. The Rails Girls mission to increase diversity within Open Source is an imperative cause - one in which New Relic is proud to stand behind. We look forward to seeing the projects that students come up with!”

In 2008, Malwarebytes was founded on the belief that you and everyone have a fundamental right to a malware-free existence. And we couldn’t agree more!

Rebecca Kline from Malwarebytes on their support:
“Malwarebytes from founders on down is comprised of people who are self-taught and have the desire to learn. We believe education should be available for all and not come at a hefty price. aaand we love open source! The Rails Girls Project is an awesome opportunity to learn something new and break out of the mold. Have a blast this summer!!”

Keen IO believes that custom analytics shouldn’t be a pain in the backend. That’s why Keen IO’s powerful APIs do the heavy lifting for you. Yay.

Josh Dzielak from Keen IO on their support:
“I met Sven Fuchs (Travis-CI) on a developer evangelism trip to Berlin. He told me all about Rails Girls Summer of Code, and the very next day Keen IO became a sponsor! Why wouldn’t we? Rails Girls SoC is an opportunity for Keen to support several movements we’re passionate about: open source advocacy, mentorship, and the empowerment of women and all less-represented groups in technology. Good luck this summer, coders!”

innoQ offers technology consulting, software development, architecture know-how and trainings and is keen to share.

Phillip Ghadir, CTO at InnoQ on their support:
“We strongly believe that tech careers begin with curiosity and love for programming. We support Rails Girls Summer of Code because we’d like to help the participants to discover their passion for coding like we did ourselves. In the long run, everybody will benefit from increasing diversity in IT.”

ThoughtWorks is a bunch of passionate technologists. Providing software, pioneering tools and consulting for organizations with ambitious missions. Thoughtworks has provided a welcoming workplace for at least one of our former SoC participants.

Dawanda is no-doubt THE marketplace for unique and handmade items. Not only were they Bronze Sponsors, they also hosted us for our awesome kickoff BBQ, and made sure we got the program off to a great and memorable start!

Carnes Media is a five strong group of designers, developers, and troublemakers with secret lives as jugglers, archaeologists, dancers, and novelists. Hanging out around Bellingham, Washington, they follow our program closely.

Cloud Control supercharges development with their European Platform as a Service.

Elizabeth Osterloh and Philipp Strube at Cloud Control on their support:
“We think this is the perfect way to get more women involved in software development – and we’re proud to be one of the sponsors for such an excellent initiative.”

They even wrote a blog post on Summer of Code!

Paymill makes online payments fast and easy. With a diverse international team, and a passionate drive to bring even more diversity to tech, the wanted to help make Summer of Code of code happen.

Jörg Sutara, Co-Founder PAYMILL on their support:
“We believe that developer communities help us in improving our products through their interaction & curiosity. We support Rails Girls Summer of Code as it is an great initiative for awesome people and for the future - we’re wishing everyone a great time and that you’ll never stop being curious!”

Groupon needs no introduction.

Shannon Welling from Groupon on their support:
“Groupon is a company built largely with open source software - from rails, ruby, java, node, and others, we rely heavily on open source technologies to innovate in our daily work and encourage our engineers to give back to the OSS community. Community matters to us on an internal, local and global scale. It’s fundamental to our company’s growth, and to the well-being of the world at large, which is why we’re excited to once again sponsor Rails Girls Summer of Code.”

Our bronze sponsors deserve a huge thank you for coming out in number to support Rails Girls Summer of Code. We salute them for the contributions. Next up, our silver sponsors!