And the BubbleConf tickets go to...

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Our friends at Phusion and Nedap announced on Wednesday that they’re giving away tickets to Bubbleconf to Rails Girls (Summer of Code) alumni & supporters! We had a jury go through the crazy pictures you guys tweeted. And the winners are:

Aneliya Evtimova
Moniek Kuipers
Charis Rooda
Danny Lelieveld
Pascal van Hecke
Ivana Drábiková
Martin Olešnaník

HAVE FUN at BubbleConf!

Charis Roda

If you want to make sure to get a ticket for BubbleConf, you can also buy one via Students only pay EU 60 (incl. VAT) per ticket, and Standard Tickets are EU 300 (incl. VAT) a piece. For Rails Girls members however, we’re able to provide a nearly 50% discount on the Standard Ticket pricing, making them EU 160 (incl. VAT) per ticket. You can order these tickets via!