Call for Projects

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Happy post-Superbowl-weekend Tuesday!

Is this the superb owl everyone keeps talking about? (Photo: funelf)

It’s only February, but the whole team is already hard at work to make the upcoming Summer of Code the best one yet! In order to do this we need you. Yes, you, awesome-project-maintainer! Last year we had a huge variety of projects our students got to work on such as Bundler, Spree, Species+, and Rubinius; for each project, one or more maintainers were “project mentors”: the go-to people if students had questions that were specifically about the project. We want to make this happen in 2015, too. For this we want you and your project on board! We’ve made it super-duper easy for you and put together a small and handy guide to submitting your project for the Summer of Code. Here it is! It will hopefully answer most of your questions; and if it doesn’t and you are still confused about something, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Start right now and read how to propose your project - we simply CAN NOT WAIT to get your submissions!