Cherry on Survival Kit

Posted on by Anika

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A few days ago, we put together a conferece survival kit for you, dearest students. Now you know almost everything there is to know and we are sure, you’ll return from your adventures safe and sound and unharmed.

But we also have a cherry on top for you (what’s a survival kit without, right? ;)
Here it comes.. say ahhh!

###Rails Girls Summer of Code Slides for you!

A big thank you to Floor, who put them together and a lot of love into them. They look amazing and include everything you need to have for your talk. Wonderful, right?

Important here is that these slides include slides with our sponsors at the end. If you use your own slide (which you still can, of course!) please mention the platinum sponsors Github, Travis and our gold sponsors Tilde, 37signals, SoundCloud and Google Open Source at the end of your talk on an extra slide, since they are the reason we can have this georgeous Summer of Code! ♥

###Speaker Coaches coach you to speak

Of course, that’s not all! We want to thank these awesome people who have offered to be your speaker coaches.

They will help you review your slides, practise your talk, give feedback and any other magic trick they have up their sleeves for giving a great talk. Some of you already met them, some we still have to connect for the upcoming confs:

★ Tiffany Conroy ★ Juliane Peterson ★ Caroline Drucker ★ Chad Fowler ★
★ Josh Kalderimis ★ Patrik Huesler ★ Tim Lossen ★ Arne Brasseur ★
★ Dirkjan Bussink ★ Paul Klipp ★

Put your hands up for them, because they are just awesome for doing this! And we are very very sure, you’ll now not only survive your conferences, but make them to the best of your summer!