Help us fund the last 5 students!

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On March 5th, we opened up our crowd funding campaign. What a ride! Before we go on and give you the full rundown of what happened in the last 25 days, we’d just like to share how proud we are of our amazing community and sponsors with a gif:

Thank you so much! (Image: imgur)

Now let’s get down to the cold, hard facts. Since March 5th, 98 individual donations were made and 25 sponsor packages were purchased. The strongest days for individual donations were the first two days of our campaign (March 5th and 6th) with 23 and 14 donations, respectively. The strongest week for donations was the first crowd funding week (44 donations), and the second strongest was last week (23!). In the last 25 days, there were only four days on which no donations at all were made; on all the other days, we were happily flooded by wonderful tweets such as these:

Our most popular sponsor package seems to be the Bronze package, followed by the Silver. And believe it or not: with the donations collected thus far – totalling 76516 USD – you funded 7.5 teams! But it’s not over yet, and we want to be able to fund at least 10 teams – this means we still need your help to achieve our goal!

We’ve asked some of our team members why you should donate to RGSoC, and here’s what they said.


(Photo: Anika Lindtner)

(Photo: Ramón Huidobro)

(Photo: Laura Gaetano)

(Photo: Sara Regan)

We’re sure you can think of a lot more reasons why anyone would want to donate to the Rails Girls Summer of Code. Tweet about them with the hashtag #donatebecause; make sure you mention us (@RailsGirlsSoC) so we can retweet! And don’t forget to go to our campaign page, make a donation, and help us reach our goal <3