The Final List of our Teams for Rails Girls Summer of Code 2014

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It’s time to celebrate! After a great spurt in the campaign and with the incredible support of our students we’re happy to announce: We are able to fund 10 sponsored teams, and there will be 6 volunteering teams, 32 students in total \o/.

You have met the first seven teams a while back. Please say hi to the remaining 3 sponsored teams, and the 6 volunteering teams of this year’s Rails Girls Summer of Code. We’re stoked to see that much enthusiasm!

Akanksha Agrawal and Sana Khan from Pune, India will work on a memory visualization tool for Rubinius, which will help to get insights to memroy usage and find memory leaks. They will be supported by their coaches Prathamesh Sonpatki, Vipul A M, and Nishant Modak from Pune, as well as their mentor Dirkjan Bussink based in Netherlands, and long time core contributor to Rubinius.

Kai Baraka and Valerie Sparks from Atlanta, USA will work on various improvements to Bundler at the AT&T Foundry and Hypepotamus offices, supported by their team of coaches Dion Salvage, Shawn Johnson. Roger Mahler and Andre Arko will be their mentors. See here for the detailed project proposal

Britney Wright and Jamela Black from Washington D.C., USA will work on BrowserCMS and a BrowserCMS integration with Spree. They will be supported by their coaches Patrick Peak and Tatiana Bodnya at the BrowserMedia offices, also connecting them to the Spree team which both are located in Washington, D.C.

Volunteering Teams

Rocio Paez and Evette Kotze, from Lima, Peru will work on a personal migraine research and diary tool which will help to collect statistics and insights about the process of migraines. They will be supported by their coaches Gustavo Beathyate from Lima, and Francesco Rodriguez from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Catherine Jones and Tracy Mu Sung from Sydney, Australia (our first team from Australia, yay!) will work on Spree, improving documentation, refactoring tests, and improving existing features. They will be supported by a great team of coaches: Elle Meridith, Geoff Hodgson, Leonard Garvey, Andrew Harvey, Toby Hede, Dan Draper, and David Parry. Trung Le from Spree Commerce is going to be their mentor.

Jen Diamond and Stephanie Betancourt, “The Standard Librarians”, from Los Angeles will work on a Try Ruby Standard Library in-browser REPL. Michael McCormick will be their main coach and they will be hosted at and supported by their Coaching Company Pivotal Labs. Kurtis Rainbolt-Greene and Konstantin Haase will help as their mentors.

Abril Vela and Colleen Masterson from Chicago will work on an LTI (Learning tool) that integrates with online learning management systems based on standards. The goal is to build a tool to help children practice reading skills, with a focus on helping children with dyslexia become more proficient at reading. Liz Abinante from Girl Develop It Chicago will be their main coach, and Paul Hinze will provide additional support.

Katharina Zwick and Brigitte Markmann from Berlin, Germany, will be working on a RapitFTR Rails backend for an upcoming rollout to Democratic Republic of the Congo and Syria in November. Klaus Fleerkötter from ThoughtWorks and Erik Michaels-Ober from Soundcloud will be their main coaches. They will be hosted at the SoundCloud office with access to a pool of additional support coaches such as Duana Stanley (who coached a successful team last year) and others. Sri Prasanna will act as their mentor, supported by Stuart Campo coordinating the project on UNICEF’s side.

Akshata Mohan and Aayish Shetty from Bangalore, India will be working on our Rails Girls Summer of Code Teams application, putting it into an even better shape for students to connect, form teams and apply for next year’s Summer of Code. Monika Mahanthappa, Pavan Sudarshan as well as Thomas Andrew Elam will be their coaches, and our very own Sebastian Gräßl will act as their mentor.