Fridayhugs, Soundcloud interview and HTTP

Posted on by Anika

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It’s friday and here is a hug:

This is our favorite FRIDAYHUG so far from Team Species+. On their [blog] ( you can find other friday hugs, read about if working in cafés … well works and how they use d3.js.

This week, Konstantin Haase wrote down HTTP for Team Inchworms with pen and paper (!). Team Bundler started their summer of code and Team Highway to Rails ripped up another to-do index card .

Also, one of our dear sponsors, Soundcloud, interviewed Team Rails Grrls on their blog.

WOW, we feel super amazed and proud to see one of our teams getting 10:48 min of fame. ♥

But this is only a few of what has been going on this week. Check out more here:

Good friday, everyone!