Introducing Team Mutants India

Posted on by Aayish and Akshata

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About Us

Yeah Mutants. We hit upon this name because we’re huge fans of X Men :-P We’re studying Information Science in our third year of engineering in Mysore, India.

Aayish: I got introduced to Ruby on Rails when I got curious and attended the local Ruby User Group in January; and I started learning Rails using online resources since then. Later on, I attended the Annual RubyConf held in Goa, and heard about RailsGirls Summer Of Code, and thought of giving it a shot. The rest is history :-P

Akshata: I attended Garden City Ruby Conf beginning of this year in January. And from then on meetups, more conferences and blog posts helped me get introduced to Open Source. I came to know of Rails Girls Summer of Code in March and thought of giving it a go. Started learning Rails using online tutorials and applied to RGSoC! And you know the rest ;-)

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##What we are working on

We are working on RailsGirls Summer of Code Teams app. Remember the teams app you used to register yourself, lodge an application and make a team after being selected? Well, we’re working on tweaking the process to make it better! First we started off with writing specs for the code to understand the code base better. The best part was when we made our first pull request. The thrill of creating one and making the necessary changes after taking feedback from our mentor Sebastian was an experience on a whole new awesome level. Then in month 2, we started working on a new feature that helps students make teams during the application process so that an application can be lodged as a team. Now we’re currently trying to implement the save as drafts feature for our application form. Refactoring and integration testing next up on our to-do list!

##Awesomeness appreciated :

MAVENHIVE These folks we tell you! Amazing set of coaches we’ve got! Pavan and Monika are the best kind of coaches we could ever find and we’re so grateful to them. They’re always there to guide us. Be it right software engineering practices or some bug we just cannot seem to get the hang of, they’re there. Sebastian is our mentor and he’s been really helpful too! Tam, our supervisor! The best! She’s an inspiration to us. The last few months in our Summer of Code have been awesome! It feels so good to have people around you who inspire you, make you feel comfortable and are always there for you. Great job by the organisers in pulling together this really awesome program! :-)

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