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We are Pallavi and Sakshi Team Diasbits from India. The name Diasbits, as we are contributing a bit to diaspora*, the privacy-aware, decentralized social network. Also, Diasbits, came to our mind as assembling bits of diaspora* to enhance its developement.

Pallavi and Sakshi together in Bangalore

Sakshi: I had started coding in Ruby a few months before I got to know about RGSoC. The Rails Girls Summer of Code was introduced to me by our coach Arihant. I applied for RGSoC to get in touch with the open source and do wonders.

Pallavi: I heard it from FSMK(Free Software Movement, Karnataka) mailing list. I was always interested in working on web applications and wanted to start with Ruby on Rails.

The Rails Girls Summer of Code encouraged us to get hold of Ruby, Rails, Git workflow, Jekyll. Already 2 months of the summer of code have come to an end, and we are now in a situation to stand confident and present our work of this entire duration. So far, we have been able to finish our project on Rails Girls Rails App Generator. We created a Jekyll Bootstrap based website that contains the links to some cool Rails tutorials.

The mid-July to mid-August, was a period of workshops, seminars, meetings, interactions and what not. :) We attended the Rails Girls workshop, Mysore, Rails Girls event, Bangalore, Jaipur Ruby users group meetup, FSMK (Blender sessions, 9 days workshop).

Mysore Rails Workshop

Rails Girls Event, Bangalore

Currently, we are working on a few diaspora* issues and features like adding an ignore user icon on the profile page of a user, adopt a pull request.

We chose to work for Rails Girls App Generator as it seemed to be easy for the beginners and diaspora* because it gives us immense exposure to open source and to the concept of decentralization of data.

Our happiest moment was when we got selected for RGSoC and we are the only team from India who made through :)

If we could code anything in the world Pallavi: I would love to code a phone book app for my Dad because he writes in his diary and keeps searching for it. Sakshi: I’d code to make a machine that would insert the whole book into my memory in one sec, so that I don’t have to cram anything during exams :P

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