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Got some spare time and a knack for PR, community management, Sponsoring or Coding? Awesome! We could use some helpful hands and can offer a wonderful summer of experience and of course cat gifs ;)

Part of the reason is that [Sven] ( will have to step back from working on Rails Girls Summer of Code a little bit starting July and focussing on [Travis] ( again. During the first weeks he will still be available about half-time and [Anika] ( will continue to be available full-time, sponsored by Travis.

These teams would love to have you:

1. Campaign and Sponsors management

Sponsors need to be paid special attention to until after the program as much as possible … eventually they’re the ones who allow us to pay so many people!

2. Helpdesk and Team Supervision

The idea is to organize remote support (answering questions on IRC etc) for when teams get stuck and local coaches aren’t available.

3. Blog, Newsletter and Press

This team writes up news in order to keep our community in the loop, and tell the world about how the teams are doing, whats going on and share some nice stories.

4. Website

This team takes care of the website and makes sure it stays up to date with the progress of RGSoC. The team is still looking for someone with design skills and others who’d like to help out.

5. Teams App

The app should be mostly done before July, but might need updating once in a while.

Sven can still take care of this for the time being, but it would be cool if someone with solid Rails dev skills could take this over.

If you’d want to know more or like to help, ping us here: RailsGirlsSoC or here community mailing list.

There will not only be lots and lots of karma points, but also love and maybe even cake&confetti for helping out ;)

Let’s get this started: