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It’s getting really warm outside in Berlin. And Rails Girls Summer of Code is getting closer and closer!

Team Number 10

We are super happy to announce that with the support from Front Foot, Readmill, Gnip and with Soundcloud becoming a gold sponsor plus extra donations from our amazing community* … we can now offer another sponsored team-spot for RGSoC!

And that spot goes to this amazing team:

Jaqcueline Homan (USA) and Angela Ebirim (UK) working on Hackety Hack.

With this we are also welcoming our first remote team on board! Hello you two, wonderful to have you!

Plus 10 Volunteering Teams

Also, we are thrilled that the following students have registered as volunteering teams!

  1. Aileen Alba & Candy Jimenez
  2. Carolina García & Julia Döring
  3. Hannah Winter
  4. Hélène Martin
  5. María del Carmen Berros García
  6. Melanie Murray & Tina Kumar
  7. Michelle Brideau & Nicky Owen Victoria Martinez & Hester van Wijk
  8. Oana Sipos & Maria Iloaie
  9. Tam Eastley& Susanne Dewein
  10. Prithvi Venkateshmurthy

(listed alphabetically)

This is so awesome! We will do everything that we can to support you with all our <3.

Hopefully, many more students will follow and we can have a really great Summer of Code together. Let us know if you want to join as a volunteering team:

We are so happy that you are joining RGSoC and we are looking forward to a fantastic time. May the ☼ be always with you!

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