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Some of our teams are still rocking their projects, some have already finished, but this doesn’t mean the coding needs to be over. There are some opportunities! We got offers for internships from companies: Amazon OpsWorks and and-is a.k.a. Aupair World offered each 2 spots. Which is pret-ty cool!


If you are interested in these two, drop us a line! Also - and this is the important part - please rock on and start looking for opportunities. Be active! Look around and ask your local communities to help you. Get involved with your local user groups, start or join a study group, help to coach newcomers. You already know your coaches and mentors, who can surely recommend something to you. There are so many wonderful companies out there who would be glad to have enthusiastic coders like you at their side. We will try to help you in any way to turn your summer into something more!

###Sponsors, Companies, friends

If you want to give our talented students the opportunity to work with you and your team or have a recommendation: drop us a line at contact@rgsoc.org