GitHub and Travis CI: Our Platinum Sponsors

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###GitHub and Travis CI are major supporters of Rails Girls Summer of Code

The program, in the magnitude we have reached for our second year, would not be feasible without the lead support from organizing partner, Travis CI, and continuing support from founding sponsor, GitHub.

Over six million people use GitHub to build amazing things together, and no doubt our students will add to this vibrant development community. GitHub is big on education, offering Web-based Classes and In-person Training, for people of all experience levels. GitHub Explore allows you to browse topics like design essentials, CSS preprocessors, machine learning, and learn a thing or two about topics you’re curious about. To top it off, the GitHub Guides help to understand the GitHub workflow, from writing the first ‘hello world’, to mastering issues, to playing with markdown and deploying with GitHub pages.

John Britton and Kate Guarente at GitHub on their support:
“We can’t wait to see what the Rails Girls participants build and ship this summer. The entire Open Source community is going to benefit from these women joining and contributing to meaningful projects, and we’re honored to be a part of the program!”

Inherently and always an Open Source company, Travis CI builds their hosted continuous integration service integrated with GitHub, and supports a multitude of programming languages. Followers of the Rails Girls Summer of Code no doubt recall the huge role Travis CI played in getting this program off the ground.

Konstantin Haase at Travis CI on their support: “Rails Girls Summer of Code is an amazing opportunity for diversifying the open source community. It paves a path from your first Rails Girls workshop to becoming an open source developer. We love to support women and open source at the same time with this project.”