Meet Our Gold Sponsor Soundcloud

Posted on by Katrin

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SoundCloud is a long and dear friend of Rails Girls, especially here in Berlin.

Right from the first workshop, the guys and gals supported us. With their help it was, amongst others, possible to arrange a thank you dinner for our coaches or get a band for the legendary winter party of Rails Girls Berlin. And there’s even more: Duana, working as a software engineer at SoundCloud, is a coach since the very beginning up until now, where she’s coaching Team RailsGrrls at the Soundcloud office. She also encouraged other SoundCloud developers to help raise the next generation of programmers.

SoundCloud is a social sound platform where you can create or upload your own music or anything sound-related for that matter and then share it with the rest of the world. It all started off with music, the heart of Soundcloud. By now, the simple way of distributing sound files made it a great place-to-be for storytellers, teachers and artists, too.

We want to say THANK YOU!!! ♥

###A Summer of Code Mixtape

But that’s only the beginning. As the saying goes: A song is worth a thousand words. And a mixtape is a wonderful novel.

We are putting together a SoundCloud “Rails Girls Summer of Code Mixtape”.

Everybody who participated in Rails Girls Summer of Code can send her or his favorite “Summer Coding Song” to us via tweet. Like this one, for example:

Here’s that snippet again: “Hi @RailsGirlsSoC here is my song from @SoundCloud for the #rgsocMixtape: “

We are going to collect all of the wonderful pieces here and together we will create the sound of this fantastic summer. Great? Great! Let’s go!