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We have been offered no less than 49 free tickets at some of the best Ruby conferences on 3 different continents. Behold, the conferences that so kindly sponsored tickets to their events (and in some cases even flight tickets!) for our Summer of Code participants:


###SoCoded September 19-20, Hamburg Learn & hack for 2 days at SoCoded, with top notch international speakers and 150 fellow web developers. SoCoded brings together the best of Ruby, Python, JavaScript, PHP in Hamburg. Plus: Team Hackety Hack and Team D* will be at SoCoded!

###BubbleConf September 27, Amsterdam BubbleConf aims to inspire you to reach for the stars. It’s about Design, Technology, and above all Entrepreneurship. And: Henrietta - part of the global Rails Girls team - and yours truly share a speaking slot! Also Anika will pour all her Rails Girls Summer of Code story telling qualities into a lightning talk.

###Ruby Shift September 27—28, Kiev This year will be the 4th time RubyShift takes place, an independent non-profit conference on Ruby and satellite technologies with accent on making new friends, being inspired, and having fun. Meet Team Spree Girls, Team D*, Team inchworms and Team Highway to Rails at Ruby Shift!

###Arrrrcamp October 3-4, Ghent A 2-day, dual track Ruby, Rails and web related conference with plenty of good speakers, loads of free rum and a free pirate twist. That sure sounds like Arrrrcamp! Meet Team Oana and Team Unicorn there!

Quite probably the awesomest conference logo EVER!

###Rails Israel October 9, Tel Aviv Rails Israel is best described watching this YouTube video. Tel Aviv bringing you Rails awesomeness, garanteed! Meet: Team Highway to Railsin Israel!

###DevConTL October 10, Tel Aviv DevConTL is best described with ‘server side development & rock and roll’. And this YouTube video. Meet Team Highway to Rails at DevCon!

###RuPy October 11-13, Budapest RuPy is a unique conference that brings together communities from different state-of-the-art programming languages Ruby, Python, JavaScript, Clojure and related technologies. Meet Team Spree Girls in Budapest!

###Wicked Good Ruby October 12-13, Boston Wicked Good Ruby is a two day, double track Ruby conference at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston. AND: it’s Boston’s first annual Ruby conf! Meet Team Unicorn at Wicked Good Ruby!

###dotRBeu October 18, Paris dotRBeu is the largest Ruby conference in France and truly a conference made by developers for developers, with exceptional speakers on stage, like the maintainers of the most popular Ruby projects, the implementors of Ruby runtimes, … Just great hackers all-around. There will also be a Workshop Day on October 19! Meet Team Species+, Team inchworms and Highway to Railsin Paris!

###FutureStack October 24-25, San Francisco FutureStack is: “tomorrow and the day after—and right now—all at the same time”. Join your fellow Sys Admins, Leads, Devs, and Data Analysts and learn how FutureStack will help revolutionize the world you’re helping to create!

###StarTechConf October 25-26, Santiago Don’t miss out on what is advertised to be the greatest tech event in Chile: StarTechConf. The conference brings together world renowned stars in software development and local tech experts to talk about HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Ruby, Java, Python, Mobile and much more. Meet Team Punchgirls in Santiago!

##Awww, such good times we had at…

###Distill August 8-9, San Francisco Distill developer conference featured over 25 speakers (like Summer of Code coach Konstantin Haase) showcasing best practices from application architecture and user experience to testing and security. Team Bundler attended the SF conference.

###JRubyConf August 14-15, Berlin JRubyConf is a two-day, single track conference, completely devoted to JRuby. This year JRubyConf celebrated its second birthday. Team Spree Girls and Team D* were at JRubyConf.

###Eurucamp August 16-18, Berlin eurucamp 2013 was far more than a conference: a week of Ruby goodness in Berlin. Geek camp ftw! The days before the conferences were an official part of the program, with activities planned for locals and first-time Berlin visitors alike. Team Spree Girls and Team RailsGrrls attended eurucamp!

Rails Girls Berlin

###Madison Ruby Conference August 23-24, Madison Madison Ruby Conference did a pretty awesome job bringing together two great communities showcasing the assets of the local Ruby community and allowing Madison visitors a chance to experience one of the best, brainiest, and least-expensive places in the United States to live and work. Plus: Madison Ruby Conference hosted a RailsBridge Womens Outreach Workshop! Team Hackety Hack and Team Unicorn were at the Madison conference. September 13, Berlin is a conference dedicated to the designers, developers and engineers who build the world’s most engaging user interfaces. From the community, for the community. Our design heroes Lisa and Rebecca attended

###The Strange loop September 18-20, St.Louis Strange Loop is a multi-disciplinary conference that aimed to bring together the developers and thinkers building tomorrow’s technology. And boy, did they succeed! Team New Rosies was at The Strange Loop.

We’ll see YOU soon, at a conference near you! ;)