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We love making things easy for our supporters - YOU -, which is why we’ve compiled a list to help you help us make the upcoming RGSoC great! Here are a few ideas to get you started.


Making it all possible
Just like last year, we have several sponsoring packages for you to choose from: tiny to bombastic, we’ve got it all. Perks for sponsorships include having your swag in the care packages we send to all of our teams, your logo on our presentation slides and website, a mention in our Hall of Fame page, and mentions in our tweets, facebook posts and on the blog. Of course, being an early bird sponsor will qualify for some extra buzz! If you are interested in a sponsoring slot for the Rails Girls Summer of Code 2015, you can find all the detailed information here.

ALL the sponsors! ALL the partners! ALL the swag! (Photo: Wiktoria Dalach)


Like sponsors, but different
Outside of the monthly stipend itself, we also try to enable learning for our accepted students during and after the Summer of Code. And what better way to learn than to be part of a study group, to read books on interesting new topics, or to join an online class? In the previous editions of the Rails Girls Summer of Code, we’ve been very lucky to find supporters in the form of conferences, online learning platforms, book publishers, and the like, who offered what they do best: conference tickets, vouchers for free classes, and great free books to keep the learning going. We know that education can come in the most diverse form, and we welcome any offer or support that we feel will help our teams get the best out of their learning experience. Willing to commit to leading a study group for a year? Got a special deal on educational material for our teams? We want it all! Contact us.


Coaches are our hidden gems

If your company wants to support us in donating time, this is your way to go! We are eternally grateful to all coaches who are dedicated to the teams during the summer. They are one of the core features a team needs in order to apply and have a successful experience.

Allowing your devs dedicated time to coach a team will support a great cause, let you stay in touch with the Open Source community and help advertise that you are working together with us towards getting more Women in to Software Development. A good example for this are Soundcloud, Absolventa, 6Wunderkinder or Travis CI, who have supported teams as companies and stood by them with all the coach power they could give.

Your devs can work as local or remote coaches, or help out in our helpdesk-channel. We’ll write a blog post about your engagement and give you opportunities to reach out to our students with Job/Internship opportunities.

Your Coaches can register here: and be sure to check our Guides for coaches.

And more..

all the other ways to help
In the past, we have also had people on our core team being supported by their companies not only to coach, but also to work on Rails Girls Summer of Code issues and tasks, such as main coordination, design work and development work on our website or teams app, supervising teams, and so on. This is a great way to support us, because there is always a lot to do for the RGSoC (and a lot of the work can be done remotely).

We need all the support we can get! (Photo: Anika Lindtner)

Hopefully, we have given you a couple of ideas to support us this summer. Contact us if you have more questions.

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