Week Review: Talk time, lunch time, publishing time

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For some of us last week started like this:

But there’s nothing that couldn’t be sweetened with a delicious lunch. And thus started another week full of monster coding and learning many and more new things.

Some wonderful people from the Rails Girls universe (Berlin, Brno, Rotterdam and RGSoC)

###Happy Conferencing

After the raffle of the conference tickets last week, two of our students dived right into their first tech conf. Jen and Joyce were part of this week’s Distill 2013 in San Francisco. And they didn’t just hear some talks and met many new people, they also held their first lightning talk! Congraz you two!!! We are very proud ♥

No rest for the wicked, though. The conferencing continues stroke upon stroke. Next week will see Nina and Julia at JRubyConf as well as Maja and Laura at eurucamp both happening in Berlin.

In case you haven’t seen this one yet: Tiffany put together everything you have to think of when giving a talk - including all those little bits and pieces that can go wrong when you enter the stage. This makes for a perfect cheat sheet on upcoming talks. Yay!

Team New Rosies is attending the Strange Loop Conference in St. Louis on Sep 18-20th and Laura and Adriana can’t wait to meet fellow attendees. So if you know anyone attending Strange Loop or you’re going there yourself, just drop them a line.

###News from the teams

It is simply jawdropping to follow our students along their way, watching and working on all kinds of tutorials, implementing feature after feature and, of course, testing testing testing ;) Here are a few highlights and interesting reads from this week.

Team D* woke up one morning only to find their autocomplete feature of the search function for Diaspora being successfully merged. Check it out on Github.

Alicja and Wiktoria of Team Species+ wrote an encouraging and insightful recap of their week: Life on a rollercoaster. Facing problems in all areas of their coding work, there was this terrible feeling of constantly getting stuck. But they kept calm and eventually found a way out for each of their problems. Here they are in the middle of understanding AngularJS:

Team Punchgirls reached a milestone in their app development. They have implemented all the must-have features to have a minimal viable app. Congraz!

Nina of Team Spree recommended an article on the 8 most common regular Ruby expressions. While you’re over there, don’t miss the rest of net tuts+, in case you don’t know it yet.

Happy Monday everybody!