Conference Raffle: Here are the Winners!

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As you know, we rolled up our sleeves to get you some free conference tickets to make your summer even better and send you out into the coding community.

We have been offered no less than 49 free tickets at some of the best Ruby conferences on 3 different continents. Most conferences offer free tickets, which is really fantastic, but some of them will even cover flights and accomodation for you. And all of them are really worth visiting!

You are invited you to attend, talk, mingle and meet some of the most awesome members of our community.

A very warm thank you to all of these amazing conferences!

♥ Arrrrcamp ♥ DevCon TLV ♥ Distill ♥ dotRBeu ♥ eurucamp ♥ FutureStack ♥ JRubyConf ♥ Madison Ruby ♥ Rails Israel ♥ RubyShift ♥ RuPy ♥ SoCoded ♥ StarTechConf ♥ Strange Loop ♥ Wicked Good Ruby

You sent us your wish lists. We made our brains fume by thinking about how to implement the raffle and and our conference raffle fairy has written some code. If you want to look at our cards you can find the logic behind all this here The gist of it: We made sure that everybody who applied had a good chance of winning a ticket and that nobody came away empty-handed. We also applied the rules announced on our conferences page.

Now heeeeere you can watch how winners were picked. Make sure to watch it in HD in fullscreen mode, it’s fun :)

Here’s the full transcript of the raffle.

And finally - drum rollll

Here come the winners:

Conference Date Name Team Twitter
RuPy * 11-14.10. Maja Komel Spree Girls @RuPy
RuPy * 11-14.10. Nina Breznik Spree Girls @RuPy
dotRBeu 18.10. Wiktoria Dalach Species+ @dotRBeu
dotRBeu 18.10. Alicja Cyganiewicz Species+ @dotRBeu
RubyShift * 27-28.09. Anja inchworms @rubyshift
RubyShift * 27-28.09. CarlaD inchworms @rubyshift
eurucamp 16-18.08. Laura Wadden RailsGrrls @eurucamp
eurucamp 16-18.08. Nicole Felhösi RailsGrrls @eurucamp
Distill 08-09.08. Jen Diamond Bundler @distill
Distill 08-09.08. Joyce Bundler @distill
Strange Loop * 18-20.09. Laura Garcia New Rosies @strangeloop_stl
Strange Loop * 18-20.09. Adriana Palacio New Rosies @strangeloop_stl
SoCoded 19-20.09. Angela Ebirim Hackety Hack @socodedconf
StarTechConf 25-26.10. Cecilia Rivero Punchgirls @startechconf
StarTechConf 25-26.10. Mayn Ektvedt Kjær Punchgirls @startechconf
Madison Ruby 22-24.08. Jacqueline S. Homan Hackety Hack @MadisonRuby
dotRBeu 18.10. Tam Eastley Highway to Rails @dotRBeu
dotRBeu 18.10. Susanne Dewein Highway to Rails @dotRBeu
RubyShift 27-28.09. Victoria Martinez Unicorn @rubyshift
Arrrrcamp 03-04.10. Oana Sipos Oana @arrrrcamp
SoCoded 19-20.09. juliaguar D* @socodedconf
Madison Ruby 22-24.08. Hester van Wijk Unicorn @MadisonRuby
dotRBeu 18.10. CarlaD inchworms @dotRBeu
RubyShift 27-28.09. Maja Komel Spree Girls @rubyshift
JRubyConfEU 14-15.08. Nina Breznik Spree Girls @JRubyConfEU
FutureStack * 24-25.10. Laura Garcia New Rosies #futurestack
RubyShift 27-28.09. Tam Eastley Highway to Rails @rubyshift
RubyShift 27-28.09. Susanne Dewein Highway to Rails @rubyshift
Arrrrcamp 03-04.10. Victoria Martinez Unicorn @arrrrcamp
JRubyConfEU 14-15.08. juliaguar D* @JRubyConfEU
Wicked Good Ruby 12-13.10. Hester van Wijk Unicorn @WickedGoodRuby
RubyShift 27-28.09. Oana Sipos Oana @rubyshift
RubyShift 27-28.09. juliaguar D* @rubyshift
DevConTLV 10.10. Tam Eastley Highway to Rails #DevconTLV
DevConTLV 10.10. Susanne Dewein Highway to Rails #DevconTLV
RailsIL 09.10. Tam Eastley Highway to Rails #RailsIL
RailsIL 09.10. Susanne Dewein Highway to Rails #RailsIL

*) domestic flights covered


We are so grateful for all those fantastic conference organizers pulling all these free tickets out of their magic hats for you. And we couldn’t be more happy: You get to go to fantastic conferences and in most cases meet other RGSoC students to rock the conference days with!

Oh, how we wish we could be there too and see you all spread your wings and fly into the community … but we hope, you’ll keep us in the loop and tell the world how your first conferences have been!

Now we even have a few tickets left … that calls for another raffle! We will let you know what happens next soon.

Happy conferencing, you lucky, lucky students! ♥