TUESDAY QUIZ: What is Tilde?

Posted on by Charlotte

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1) An abbreviation used in Medieval Latin Documents
2) A developer-centric, developer-run company who MAKE PRODUCTS WORK
3) The nickname I gave my cat

Okay it was a trick question. Tilde is actually all of the above, but today let’s focus on Option 2- our wonderful sponsors of Summer of Code!

Founded in August 2011 by Leah, Tom, Carl and Yahuba, Tilde is an open-source focused startup in San Francisco and Portland. Led by current leaders and alumni of projects like Ruby on Rails, jQuery, and Ember, Tilde is quickly building a profile as ‘the hostess with the mostess’. Just like that one friend who seems to be able to do everything right when they throw a party – food, music, ambience – Tilde are a multi-talented team of developers, with an impressive and varied portfolio.

They’ll build your product, deliver you a marketing strategy and train you up on the software you need to DIY in the future.

Oh and Tilde Co-founder Leah Silber ran the first (and only) Ruby Summer of Code in 2010, where fellow Co-Founder Yehuda Katz served as a Mentor. So they’ve got a history with this particular initiative, and we’re big fans of the resources they’re putting back into open source communities.

If you want a piece of their magic for yourself, learn more here and check out their first developer product, Skylight, launched recently. You can also chat to them at the SF Ember Meetup (which they run)as well as at annual events that they work on like the Golden Gate Ruby Conference and RailsConf. By night (and when else should it be, cause they are already involved in so much amazing stuff) they worked on getting devswag running - an Open Source merchandise project you should definitely check out.

In short, Tilde ♥ open source ecosystems and we ♥ them for helping our Summer of Code Students turn their dreams into a reality- Thank you for your support Tilde!