Weekend hug, fellow geek girls and conference calls!

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Because it’s weekend, we have a very special hug for you - a mix between a crocodile hug and a dragonball-power-spell. We figure, everybody can use one of these once in a while (especially while coding!;)

Hugging here are: Organizer Anika, Mentor Andy and Organizer Floor

Soo, what’s been going on this week?

The Conference call! Did you pick your favorite ones yet? You have until monday 12:00 pm to tweet us your whishlist (no, we are not Santa, but we’re trying really hard to ;) )

Team Hackety Hack is preparing a screencast, Team Species+ got visits from McGuyver and Indiana Jones, Diasbits know more about Jekyll than-you-do and New Rosies are offering you a sneak peek at their newly created Rack framework (which they’ll release on GitHub soon-ish).

Over in Berlin team Highway to Rails learned about the difference between the internet and the web. And they received an email from their app ;) Team Bundler in LA tries to make their tests fail (really!) and Magda learned about the essence of refactoring.


Do you love this as much as we do? The video is proving once again that we have nothing to prove: Women can be geeks, too! Make sure to check it out! Maybe some of you want to submit your own crazy picture to http://geekgirlvideo.tumblr.com/ (and represent Rails Girls Summer of Code!).

… and this is only a selection of what has been going on this week. Check out more here: teams.railsgirlssummerofcode.org.

Have a geeky weekend, everyone!