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Rails Girls Summer of Code enables women and non-binary people to work on Open Source projects from July to September each year while receiving a monthly scholarship. You can help make this a reality by becoming a Rails Girls Summer of Code sponsor or by donating as an individual.

Our various sponsorship packages are detailed below.

Why you should become a sponsor

By sponsoring RGSoC, you will directly help individual women and non-binary people get into Open Source, but it also comes with benefits for the community at large.

We train new programmers and bring diversity to Tech

Our students come from diverse backgrounds like archaeology, product management, the arts, HR, data science, computer science or the pharmaceutical industry. The most amazing thing is to know that over 90% of them are now working in tech and 8% have founded their own startups.

We contribute to Open Source Projects

Over the years, we have contributed to more than 60 Open Source projects, such as Bundler, Rails, Discourse, Sinatra, Diaspora, impress.js, Hackety Hack, Hoodie, Speakerinnen, Lotus (now Hanami) and Conductor.

We thrive because of our Community

RGSoC sees a huge amount of publicity from our student teams, coaches and organizers: be it on Twitter, Facebook, blogs or at conferences and local developer meetups.

Sponsorship Packages

Supporting RGSoC enables our students to dedicate themselves to their Open Source learning projects full-time because their living expenses are covered by a monthly stipend. As a sponsor, you play a crucial part in making this happen, funding the budget pool from which the selected students will be paid.

If you would like to know more about RGSoC or present our program to your company, you can also take a look at our most recent pitch deck.

Download a copy of the Sponsorship Prospectus.

If you would like to sponsor RGSoC 2020, please email us to arrange an invoice to be raised for your donation. We'd love to hear from you. 🙌

Benefits for sponsors

Innovator Pioneer Trailblazer
Knowing you’re making a real difference to people’s lives and the tech community
Lots of tweet love from RGSoC and project teams
Social media mentions by RGSoC and our friends at Travis Foundation when your sponsorship is confirmed
Plenty of social media noise and recognition among the extensive community of our program partner, Travis CI
Your logo in the footer of our homepage small medium large
Listing on the RGSoC sponsors page (linked to frequently in communication)
Your stickers and other small swag sent out to all students
All your swag included in support packages sent to Students (e.g. t-shirts, mugs, tote bags, notepads)
Presentation of your company sent to participants in our Sponsor Opportunity Newsletter
Your testimonial in our press kit
Your logo included in our next pitch deck
Your logo pride of place in presentations about RGSoC (alongside our Partners)

Logos and links on the website will be sorted by package size and confirmation date of the donation.

If you have any questions, comments, or don’t feel this list quite represents what you have to offer, please get in touch:

Company swag in student support packages

If you send us your swag, we will include it in a “care package” that will be sent out to each student. Innovator and Pioneer sponsors are very welcome to send stickers or other small items that fit into an envelope. Trailblazer sponsors may send additional swag (e.g. pens, notebooks, webcam covers or other things that fit nicely with a Summer of Code learning project).

Your company in the Sponsor Opportunity Newsletter

You may want to offer opportunities to our students such as (but not limited to) internships, interviews, special use of your services, invitations to events etc.

We are collecting all these offers and will display them in order of sponsorship packages in an informative newsletter, which goes out to all our participants towards the end of the program.

Your logo on slides at presentations about RGSoC

Students are strongly encouraged to give full talks or lightning talks at conferences, as well as local programming and tech meetups. We encourage students to present their projects and explain how Rails Girls Summer of Code is helping them do it.

Furthermore, some of our organisers may also hold presentations about the program as a whole.

All people presenting on behalf of or in conjunction with RGSoC are asked to include a slide with all Trailblazer sponsors’ logos at the beginning of their presentation.

Sponsorship Guidelines

Rails Girls Summer of Code is here to support women and non-binary people on their way into Open Source. Please see our Sponsorship Guidelines for further information on our values.

Partner Company Package

If you're interested in becoming a partner company and would like to discuss what this might look like, please email us.