Here’s a helpful starting point for all the things you need to know as a student of RGSoC.

Important Dates

Student applications for this year's Rails Girls Summer of Code will open in March 2020.

Application Guide

All the information you need to make a complete application, including how to apply using the Teams App, and how to organize yourselves should you be granted a scholarship.

Finding Your Team

Tips for finding a teammate and coaches, as well as helpful guidelines on public and social media posts.

What to expect

Activities during the program and suggestions on how to meet the requirements for participating in RGSoC. This section also gives you an idea of what a season on coding will look like.

Daily Team Log

Immerse yourself in Open Source culture by recording the main day-to-day achievements and problems in a brief online blog. Read our tips for your log.

A note on Conferences

In the past we collaborated with conferences all over the world, offering students a chance to attend for free. While recognizing the excellent opportunity for networking and development this offers, we’ve decided not to run this part of the program in 2020.

However, you may be able to source tickets to conferences via our friends at Diversity Tickets.