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The Rails Girls Summer of Code crowdfunding campaign is officially open! And you thought that christmas only came ONCE a year! ;) We’re opening up our campaign page to the wider public today, so spread the word and donate!

No amount is too little!

Over the last two years we’ve learned quite a lot about how to run a global fellowship program. However, one thing has always been consistent; the generous support (both financial and otherwise) of the programming and technology community.

Whether you have a little, or a whole lot to give, every cent raised makes a huge difference to creating a bigger and more expansive program in 2015.

If you want to sponsor a larger amount, take a look at our sponsor packages and guidelines.

The Early Birds

Over the last few months we’ve been talking to some of our most ardent supporters to get on board with some early sponsorship. Many thanks to our earlybird sponsors, Travis CI, GitHub, SoundCloud, Google Open Source, Basecamp, Turing School of Software and Design, Keen IO, Site5, and TeaLeaf Academy for supporting us with their sponsorship before we even opened our crowd funding campaign!

To top it off, a number are even coming back for their second or third year of sponsorship! Not only do these early bird sponsors ensure that our crowd funding can really start with a bang, but also to remind us of the consistent help we’ve had from the tech community in making Rails Girls Summer of Code a reality.

Want to help out in other ways?

If you are the maintainer of an open source project, please consider submitting it to our list! A developer looking for a way to use your coding powers for good? Find out more about coaching a team?

If you are an organizer whose conference is on during or after the northern Summer of 2015, why not offer a ticket to your event for our ‘ticket giveaway’. Read about the awesome conferences that donated tickets last year!

Have a number of other super powers you think we need? Take a look at our about page for more info about how to get involved.

Get on over to our crowd funding page, to make a donation!