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…so the Rails Girls Summer of Code will come to an end!

Two months ago we blogged about our start — about us being loaded to code. Now, having some time passed, which seems to go faster day by day, there is this constant feeling of loading, loading knowledge to code or rather buffering — buffering all the knowledge we received those last months. We not only received great coding teaching but also valuable business knowledge. We reached out to the amazing SoundCloud-People surrounding us and mentioned that we are a little bit lost in our learning freedom and not having a structure set from top-down. We saw the problem, reached out and found solutions — creating our own structure. BOTTOM(S)-UP.

LoadtoCode KANBAN READY, STEADY, PUSH, DONE: Our KANBAN-Board in movement! (Image: Team LoadToCode)

Sharing is caring is <3 is RGSoC!

With this newly created structure of walking the (KANBAN-)board in the morning, we were able to have more awareness on the tasks and reach out to our amazing coaches more effectively. Speaking of it, when RGSoC taught us one thing then it was for sure support and patience. We were lucky and had those qualities in person: Duana, Remy and Sergio. Having the “I’m learning so much!”-attitude, as all of our coaches had, is the best present in the world to us newbies. Newbies, having no clue at all and asking how it works over and over again. Having passionate supporters which are fighting for a world without stupid questions is the most valuable RGSoC experience. Next to the great coaches in the SoundCloud-Office the #helpdesk-rgsoc-channel was always there when we needed it. GIT almost became our friend — ALMOST.

#Helpdesk LOVE #Helpdesk LOVE (Image: Screenshot of RGSoC-#Helpdesk-Slack by Team LoadToCode)

Failing is coding, too!

Speaking of all those achievements it’s time to also mention failures. We worked on LEAP and we quickly realized that it is bigger and more complex than we could imagine! To make sure that we don’t get lost in LEAP-specific knowledge and tasks we told ourselves to split the day, start the day with plain Ruby-/Rails-learning and end the day with coaching and working on our LEAP-task. We tried but we regularly failed with this goal. We read more than we coded, trying to understand the twitter ruby gem and the twitter requirements. In the end we achieved less than we wanted, know more about twitter than we probably ever gonna need again, but we learned to keep on coding and asking AND were able to find a secure way to put some twitter content on the LEAP Web-App. So after 2,5 months RGSoC the day came we were waiting for so long and we were able to tweet to the world that our PR was merged. The Providers using LEAP will from now on have the possibility to connect their Twitter account within LEAP to easily inform users about releases or bugs.

Twitter Feature within Leap-Web-App Twitter Feature within Leap-Web-App (Image: Screenshot of Twitter Feature within LEAP by Team LoadToCode)


Having all about programming was fun, even on our #rgsocdayoff we didn’t stop programming. Instead of programming on our computers we preferred to connect with an IT-monk in Thailand and program on our minds on that special day.

#rgsocdayoff Programming our minds on the #rgsocdayoff (Image: Screenshot of Duana's Tweet by Team LoadToCode)

What’s next?

At the beginning we couldn’t imagine that this Rails Girls Summer of Code would end somehow someday… Now that there are only a few days of it left, we can actually see the end coming /o\ ! However, we know that this Summer of Code is meant to be a start of something bigger and not only a short & intense moment of coding in our lives. So we are preparing ourselves to keep working on code and watch out for internship opportunities. Excitingly, we will be able to share our journey by attending conferences (yes, you’ve read it right, conferenceS(!) ) and hopefully meet many of the RGSoC people in real life! So to help us keep going, meeting more Ruby-enthusiasts and getting more into conference world of code, we are invited to * RubyConfPt in Braga/Portugal at the end of October and to * GOTO Berlin in Berlin/Germany in the middle of November. Please ping us, if you are also attending one of these, we are happy to chat about #RGSoC, the Leap Project, Rails, Ruby and permaculture principles or feminisms!