One month of RGSoC

Posted on by Vaishali Thakkar

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This year’s program has started off with a bang! As today marks the start of the fourth week of RGSoC, we thought you would be interested in seeing what our amazing teams have been doing since the first day of our program.

From enjoying Global Kick-off events to having their kick-off calls with team members, from making their first pull request to preparing for conferences, our students are ready to mark their presence in the open source world.

Our teams are having fun with kick-off calls & their projects (Credit: RGSoC Teams)

One amazing thing to note this year: we have teams from Sri Lanka (Team Fusion), Albania (Team Codeaholics) and Russia (Team Alexa) for the first time! If you’re interested in knowing where the other teams are from, check out this post.

Team Fusion on their kick off call celebration (Credit: Team Fusion)
Team Alexa at PyData Moscow meetup (Credit: Team Alexa)

Looking at the progress of our teams, this seems to be a wonderful start of the program. Stay tuned for blog posts from our teams to follow their amazing journey and checkout their daily logs on our Teams app.

A month of RGSoC!

Our 2017 teams :) (Image: Laura Gaetano)

Follow us and our teams on twitter for more updates. And let’s enjoy the journey of our awesome teams this summer together!