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You Are Accepted To RGSoC 2018! from Rails Girls Summer of Code on Vimeo.

Every year, as we send the acceptance emails to the teams who get into the program, we try to imagine how the applicants reacted when they read the news. For RGSoC 2018 we decided to do things differently: instead of sending an email, we scheduled a call with them and told them ourselves!

At the beginning, we felt as nervous as our applicants, but after the initial nervousness had faded, we had a blast “playing Oprah”. We just knew we had to share this joy with you, so here is a video of their reactions.

The 9 selected teams… For now!

Full-time Sponsored Teams

101 Days of Summer (Nupur and Paavini)

Location: New Delhi, India
Project: Servo

$we init (Akshita and Rahmeen)

Location: New Delhi, India
Project: Probot

Akaringula (StellaMaris and Rachael)

Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Project: EBWiki

Barcelona Duo (Amalia and Lori)

Location: Barcelona, Spain
Project: Exercism

Team Rubies (Atibhi and Prateksha)

Location: Bangalore, India

Part-time Sponsored Teams

Brazilian Housewives Coding (Camila and Stefanni)

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Project: PublicLab

DelSquared (Arushi and Sharmistha)

Location: New Delhi, India
Project: Tessel

potatoCode (Alina and Sabine)

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Project: Stretchly

Sunshine (Sujin and Gyujin)

Location: Seoul, South Korea
Project: Babel

Yes, you read that right: “For now”!

By taking on board these 9 teams, we have officially passed the 200 RGSoC scholars mark! However, after receiving 195 applications in 2018 and training 20 teams each edition for the past 3 years, we couldn’t close the crowdfunding campaign just yet. We want to change more lives!

This means we will be extending our campaign until the 15th of May, and the spots will be given to a batch of teams we have on a waiting list. As we raise more money, we will secure those teams one by one and share this publicly. We really hope to sponsor all of the teams on the waiting list — what can we say? We are believers!

Let’s get these teams sponsored!

How can you help us make the dreams of these candidates come true by participating at RGSoC? Besides donating to our crowdfunding campaign (if you can, of course), it would be great if you helped us with the following:

  1. Talk with your friends and people at work about our program. Share our twitter and facebook posts or even this video about what we have accomplished in the past 5 editions. Let’s reach as many people as possible!
  2. Do you know any companies who might be interested in sponsoring? Please get in touch with us via email

A special message to the teams who didn’t get into this year’s program

First and foremost, thank you for applying to RGSoC. We wish we could have everyone on board but unfortunately it is not possible. We are honoured that you believe in us and in our program, but please do not give up; your journey in tech and Open Source has just begun!

And a huge thank you to everyone who made this possible!

Yes, all of our incredible donors too!

RGSoC 2018 Sponsors (image by Ana Sofia Pinho)

Thankful for RGSoC 2018 Sponsors (image by Ana Sofia Pinho)