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Call us biased, but we think our volunteers are superstars. Rails Girls Summer of Code wouldn’t be possible without their help and hard work.

We’re now putting together a winning team for 2020. Whether you’re super organized or if your talents lie in programming, designing, writing, emotional support, legal know-how, campaign management, fundraising, or inspiring people, today we’re asking you to step up and join our team.

Don’t forget - if you’re a former RGSoC student, you can still participate this time in a supporting role. Who better to guide newcomers than someone who has already enjoyed the experience?

Orga team

Organizers eat, sleep and breathe RGSoC. This is the small group of people who make sure the program runs smoothly. They have an intimate knowledge of how the program works and dedicate many, many hours to making it happen.

There’s no denying, being part of the Orga team can be a lot of work. Here are just some of the things we need to take care of to make sure our teams are informed, involved and cared for:

  • Writing, editing, posting, and scheduling newsletter, blog and social media posts
  • Creating eye-catching visuals - images and videos
  • Regularly communicating with mentors and students
  • Updating and maintaining the website and Teams App
  • Assessing, selecting and supporting suitable applications
  • Interviewing prospective students (and sharing good news)
  • Finding and inducting supervisors and Trust Committee members
  • Reaching out to sponsors and handling finances
  • Issuing fair stipends to teams in all areas of the globe
  • Collecting and distributing sponsors' swag
  • Telling everyone how awesome RGSoC is at meet-ups, in presentations, etc.
  • Supporting participants with sensitive issues as a Trust Committee member
  • Providing remote support and answering questions on our Helpdesk for when teams get stuck and local coaches aren’t available

The list goes on. Does any of this sound like something you could help with? We’d love to hear from you.

Short on time? You can still help

By reading this, you’ve already taken your first step to becoming an RGSoC ambassador. You’ve got contacts - friends, family members, colleagues, sports club partners, penpals, project collaborators - we could never hope to reach alone. Spread the word about RGSoC and help us find key contributors to our 2020 team.

Make some noise on social media by sharing our posts on Twitter and Facebook. Don’t forget to use the #RGSoC hashtag.

Be prepared

We’ll soon be launching calls for open source projects, student teams, and sponsors. Here’s a sneaky bit of advice in advance to get you prepared:

Open source projects: if you’re a maintainer for a project you think would be suitable for our students to work on, start gathering together the details you’ll need to upload it to our Teams App. The information you’ll need to enter can be found here.

Student teams: you’ll need to apply as a pair (2 students working together) - so find someone to team up with before submitting your application. Everything you need to know about being an RGSoC student can be found here.

Sponsors: alongside community members who donate to the crowdfunding campaign, our very generous sponsors fund the stipends that compensate student teams. Check out our enticing sponsorship packages. 100% of sponsorship and donations go to the students.

Still got questions?

There’s plenty of info on this site, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for feel free to email us on or tweet us - after all, it may help others who have the same question.