Students 2016

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This year we have 20 amazing teams: 40 students from all over the world of different age and origin, with different backgrounds and skills. Imagine this: 11 countries on 6 continents (Bummer! Haven’t got any applications from Antarctica this year!); we can’t help enjoying this feeling of the united world.

The students are more than 65% through the program. They have already experienced a lot, really. It’s not just about programming (that, obviously, too!), it’s also about getting along with a team, sharing fun moments and conflict solving, celebrating achievements and coping with frustration. Sometimes it feels like you are facing a problem which shouldn’t have come up on the program, and that you / someone else must be doing something wrong. That’s absolutely ok, we all deal with such issues regularly at work, and the best we can do is to learn and may be share solutions with others.

Yet so much to come. Our students will attend conferences, some of them will give their first talks. Wooo, we are so excited!

Click on the pictures to read students’ stories!

RGSoC Students 2016 (images: Students 2016; collage: Ana Sofia Pinho)

As always, we would like to say big Thank You to all the people who help our students participate in the program: sponsors, donors, coaches, coaching companies, mentors, supervisors, organizers and volunteers. Without you we wouldn’t see these happy faces and wouldn’t read their inspiring stories.

Want to get fresh updates from our students? Check out these Twitter lists: RGSoC Teams 2016 & RGSoC Students 2016. Stay tuned!